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the white house speaker of the house what the with the nation's deadline looming, president obama what he is going to do now. wgn news @ 9 killer heat this week claimed the lives of seven people, it has cooled a bit but the high temperatures are about to return. top story all around the country six people succumb to the heat in the city just south, dnan ponce has more >> according to the medical examiner's office most victim suffered from pre-existing conditions. exacerbated by the heat. wednesday that the last time a family member sot 47 year old greg wolfe alive and living on the upstairs hall of family on the south side suffering from
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schizophrenia after did not come down to get his mail yesterday afternoon his aunt went to go check on him and found him in bed he had died earlier that day it >> we had given have air- conditioning we went up there and it was on but we do not know what he was going through >> sublette seven people who died yesterday of heat related complications, 47-93 age range. living in chicago one lived in pelham at city. chicago humboldt park neighborhood outside most of the day when collapsed. leaving behind five children. >> it hurts me because not because of me but because of her, my baby >> chicago health officials say the recent peak of the deaths shot once again how important it is to check on that family members and relatives
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>> getting heat exhaustion or heatstroke can happen very quickly your body is not over drop all of the time and then at one point #$%%# just shut down. overdrive >> couple of days ago rain would have sounded like a welcome idea flashboard to today this morning's storm not exactly what we had in mind gaynor hall breaking down the damage left behind. >> storms pounding chicago area of flooding roads and knocking down power lines and trees >> all of a sudden i heard it really loud bang and the multiple like something was bouncing on my roof >> huge tree in dianna morgan's backyard split into half coming down on the roof of her townhome a downed trees also damaging homes in crystal lake >> woke up to a loud bang went running to check on the kids and they are ok
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>> arleta heights and the intense rainfall flooded a shopping mall parking lot power line fell onto the busy intersection busyogden and 1st avenue lyons injuring a worker >> one of our crew member opening up a garage at the same time a bolt of lightning hit one of the lightning rods above the building said he was not directly struck by lightning he got some of the aftershock >> the man treated and released from the medical center in the liberty bell sore and disoriented but otherwise ok >> everybody completely alarmed that that happened at lightning strikes indiscriminately >> and this storm could be on the way more heat tom skilling in the weather center >> as a matter of fact light bank slashing vigorously from a 50,000 put up a storm in the southern suburbs and big storm
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swirling apply what tonight part of the brink of fire pattern blazing heat down state stores are running or around the red look at the temperatures at this hour still 94 in st. louis. temperature for a while but up to 97 ended hit 94 and 18th day today at midway airport all states in red under advisories for heat so that could fuel a the storms here is the one producing the lightning display in the southern suburbs here come the storms across iowa 2 in. of rain 63 mi. per hour wind of reported 59,000 ft. clouds moving east bound not don't to be alone there will be other ones come in this week at a very active pattern. on ground saturated by heavy rains 3 1/2 inches not far from what he did.
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you can see the 1 49th at rockford in four minutes' time 55 hundreds of an edge, here is how the rain came through 7:00 this morning mainly in the northern suburbs. this area up north area had two-3 in. of rain by the way it rainfall of 55 hundreds of an inch in four minutes at that caught up for an hour it would have trained at the intensity of a hurricane at the eighth half inches of rain, not contiguous there will be ours in gaps without ran but probably to not tomorrow morning, we will talk more about all of this and relief of the way monday but another spell of p to next week all coming up at great pictures from our viewers at the time lapse images coming up
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>> some unexpected tonight impacting dez said the negotiations in the nation's capital talk between the president and house speaker collapsed both sides pointing figures in the meantime the debt crisis hangs in the balance >> difficult to understand why speaker boehner walk away from this kind of deal >> clearly agitated president obama held a rare afternoon press conference shortly after republican counterpart called to say he was done negotiate >> no agreement publicly probably never an agreement that frankly not close to an agreement >> president obama dead pulled out his version of the numbers that were negotiating trying to show that he dropped the ball on the american people >> essentially what we had offered house speaker was over a trillion dollars in cuts >> add another $650 billion in
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cuts to social security and medicare but the tax revenue be president asked what thatboehner said was deal breaker back but the white house moved the goal post and agreement on additional revenue until yesterday when the president demanded $400 billion more which was going to be dumping more nothing more than a tax increase >> said it will be a hot weekend in washington he may be correct if your bank president says he has called all congressional leaders and tomorrow morning at they are going to have to explain to me how is that we are going to avoid default >> tomorrow morning at 10:00 p.m. chicago time no word on when it will meet at the bargaining table >> 4000 workers paycheck at midnight the faa will begin shutting down because congress a joint, measure to be authorized by the air traffic controller
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stay on the job engineers and scientists computer specialist at the others could go on temporary leave in 35 states and the nation's capital also was a got the government which will not collect airline taxes to the tune of $200 million a week airlines will get to keep that cash >> terror attacks rocked the country of norway dozens dead after an explosion at a mass shooting numbers of dead have got up at the last hour tonight authorities question is suspect it warning to kids from cook county sheriff to put these children face if they purchase fake ids. wgn news @ 9
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verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest network in america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution. wgn news @ 9 two attacks in a matter of hours have shaken the norwegian people deadly bombing in the capital oslo and an attack at a youth camp in nearby >> it was midafternoon friday in oslo door when the heart of the city exploded >> all of a sudden i heard a massive explosion massive cloud of smoke coming out from the streets around the scene >> people miles away said they felt the blast crippled buildings including the prime minister of this not injured but others were killed. people's faces reflected disbelief hours
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later came news of a shooting outside the capital at a youth camp. police a person dressed as a policeman fired shots at a camp with seven other people, witnesses said it was other chaos with more deaths. officials arrested a young man after the shooting and said he was seen abroad the government building at the time of the explosion. >> under control but it has been a terrible day >> president obama extended sympathy from the white house >> a reminder that the entire national committee has to take action in preventing this matter of terrorism are correct >> id of its statetoo early in the game to know who was behind the attacks at nothing leading officials that anything was evident >> late word tonight death toll has passed 80 in today's bombing and shooting. new intelligence
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report of the department of all but security warning al qaeda could be planning an attack on a chemical plant or oil refinery in the united states according to the report by the extremists have obtained insider positions and attempting to solicit employees on the inside to assist the board damaging physical and cyber attacks no specific incident threat but an ongoing threat to infrastructure. batt but controversial military policy coming off the books' president took the final step to repeal the military's don't ask don't tell policy that bans opening gay policy people from serving in the military, pentagon certified having openly gay people in the military would not compromise security president accepted the certification the change will take affect in 60 days and don't ask don't tell will be gone for good. >> turning up the heat on protesters white heat lamps were turned on striking hotel workers during one of the hottest days of the year he vanished decades ago that a former trader from highland park as explaining to
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do after found alive and well in vegas. s
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wgn news @ 9 first a horrible crash heartbreaking discovery in a pair of seniors killed yesterday when their car was hit by a metra train. >> 4:00 p.m. on thursday when two ladies in a 2000 s saturn charged past these crossing gates in oak forest, their vehicle no match for the saturn car passenger train bound for chicago. 89 people on board 7 walked away with nothing but the bumps and bruises. today the two
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people in the car are being remembered 58 year old jerrold marks and 51 year old james hayes81 year old donna grace and 97 year old gail crabtree both of them returning from senior center guest today when they hit the rock island line train and get their lives and the top of a suicide note simply insulting said grace's adult son, note was taken into evidence of the woman's home addressed to her son, cook county sheriff's office denies it was a suicide note in any way. both went deeply devoted to their frankfort church had been friends for 20 years. today the train is running again but many questions about the crash remain. passengers on board are puzzled. >> we were in the front car i believe that the track not sure if we derailed or what the story
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was we were sliding down the rocks you could see the dust and stuff from the rocks and i did not realize we take a car >> metra take all gates and signals an operating train itself going 69 mi. per hour and acceptable speed and the event the core inside or build nothing but the cook county medical examiner get the role on the cause of death further investigation >> two people at the go bananas beers said park faced charges of safety violations in the death of a child in april three-year- old jason danby of dalton killed when he fell from the python pit roller coaster charged 58 year old jerrold marks and 51 year old james hayes manager, charges based on discrepancies in the park's record-keeping to write however inspected met all design and maintenance requirements family lawsuit also pending. >> cook county sheriff tom dart
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warning children about punishment for purchasing a fake id busted 40 people today reported when you are 8 pot meets losing your real drivers license extended period of time and potentially open yourself up to identity theft. >> more and overall warning to kids and parents this behavior you are going to be caught and you are going to destroy your opportunity for a criminal record that you will have but also destroy your financial record this is don people should not do this. >> the repercussions are too steep to not go looking for fake ids especially over the internet >> once one of the most politically powerful weapon in illinois it now betty loren- maltese about to have her home auctioned off by the federal government wants the town president of the cicero lost her house after convicted 2002 helping to steal $12 million in city funds and insurance scam betty loren-maltese spent seven
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years in a federal prison before released last year says she was hoping federal government would hold off on the auction until the court ruled on the appeal of her conviction auctioned next thursday >> striking park hyatt hotel workers to keep it as today hotel apologizing manager turned to heat lamps over the picket lines temperature was 83 degrees at climbing hotel said the heat lamps were turned off after an hour when heighhyatt officials were aware of the manager responsible retire today otherwise hyatt says corrective action would have been taken >> he had a seat on the chicago board of trade but disappeared in 171979 and was declared dead 1979, 72 year-old arthur gerald jones found alive in las vegas king as a bookie nevada had charged them with fraud and burglary false identity dropped out but it site 32 years ago
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when gambling debts caught up to him, wife and three children and highland park collected more than $47,000 in social security after he was declared dead in 1986 jones was released on bond today. still i had it taken practice to the court a doctor helping tennis players who suffer from chronic injuries, saving lives at creating jobs a firefighter by day a businessman by his spare time what he has done to become chicagos very own.
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summertime often attend this time but in return many suffer chronic injuries one doctor takes practice to court to match medicine and play for tennis enthusiasts to love the game again without pain >> never falls back >> 14 the model player now >> i play six games third midwest national ranked 149 and digest what a big tournament in the midwest >> a short time ago >> international player making a
9:25 pm
lot of tournaments >> on and off i was competing in my tournament but by the final day no way i could compete it was too much paint >> lower back and hip injury sidelined a talented young player turned out the key to success was not just dealing but fixing the game >> that her legs going and everything get her to read them going as well >> in order to treat we had to work through a collective cost ought court >> i had poor posture on my strokes and he helped me keep my chest up and transfer it my way to from my right to my left versus off of my back foot summit kept my hips in place rather than having too much pressure in one spot >> loyola tennis madison
9:26 pm
director knew he had to see patients in action to about with their needs and prevent further damage >> felt like we could make a program based on that scheme and a tennis player beginning to add >> in the end it will treat that translates to a brighter future of the court >> and since i did physical therapy could not be happier tennis is such a fun sport at the top of your game the best feeling ever >> not only treats patients in the western suburbs but does it conferences with medical pot a and professionals what his views are on the best shot to prevent injury >> this weekend could be stormy up next tom skilling another forecast not much relief in sight.
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geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance. live camera out from sears tower >> actually the northwest tollway looking south nearly contiguous lightning brought a stream of phone calls into rsi desk that is live right now amazing about 4000 jlz of energy and quarter about would be about to produce a severe thunderstorm this is how much the superheated air has to work with second
9:30 pm
night in a row more coming out of iowa, an amazing storm at this year that will blow up from time to time as it did today look at these incredible hammond indiana big shelf cloud roaring into northwest indiana this morning, look at this shot wow and evergreen park wall cloud spreading in 50 mph wind driving rain, squall line into western suburbs so what a day this has been, time lapse of situation, keep your eye on clouds thunderstorm complex that is where the cold air gushes out of the storms and hits peabody transforming it to clouds and that blinding rain
9:31 pm
and there were incredible rains we were complaining a day ago we cannot get any rain we did and we have more comic in batches what looks to be otherwise a war we can't look at this hurricane dora moister polar feeding of the hurricane is it monsoon in the northwest intersecting with a nocturnal jet stream of developing in the gulf just above the surface sometimes 60 mi. per hour were developing storm complexes that it that go on to raise it here that is what we have been bothered by, this one it from this morning race and not to ohio and pennsylvania the next one developing ted knight a brand of fire analogy. look at the key to the temperature in the work new jersey today 108 degrees never taught before, 102 degrees in the nation's capital, parts of the washington d.c. area had temperatures of around 105
9:32 pm
degrees, there is the seat in the plains states which just continues to rage on this is what hot country that we have tonight even at this hour still 92 degrees in st. louis, 90 is the beating ad des moise o'hare 89 midway 7th consecutive day heat index right now warm atmosphere with energy to produce lightning and downpours, bumping up to the low 90s tomorrow after a rain cold air in the morning and look at the thunderstorm complex we looked at the latest doppler scanned flashing light and to the south have exploded, a time lapse came from nowhere into a complex producing all of this lightning in just the our last
9:33 pm
hour and a half, lightning is quite amazing here is a complex come across the mississippi this it producing 60 mi. per hour wind tower ran at 50,000 ft. those are very much short muscular thunderstorms and they will be doing their thing tonight. here is how the squall line but coming into the area this morning racing off to the east you see the break today at the same thing happen tomorrow as storms in the area and in boarding driving downpours outflows that cool and soft and that we will break this up in the afternoon. we showed you some of this rain three and a half inches by parts of waukegan. o'hare 149 .54 of inch in 4 minutes 7 am on more heavy rain wisconsin line, here is what models tell us will happen have been dead on, grid
9:34 pm
point numbers change from 1 to 1, run to run rains across the area exact placement is tenuous telling us that rain tomorrow anywhere from one-third of the ditch-3 in. or more over the weekend probably the way it worked out other numbers of rainfall longgrove wind gusts that accompanied the storm to the area, much more coming up what looks to be some relief on monday-tuesday nice try high- pressure with wind off of the lake a day of cooling monday it warming starts tuesday back into the seat wednesday and on next week from the look of things more coming up for tonight cloudy and humid after thunderstorms active thunderstorms already developing more from the west later tonight
9:35 pm
with wind and the light and at the downpours and low temperatures 73 degrees tonight variable wind gusty strong thunderstorms as you can see the i was storms a history of 60 mi. per hour wind gusts down pour jetta reddick storms in the morning and early afternoon tomorrow partly sunny hot and too bad be daunting to 92 another thunderstorm possible when the sun comes up stabilizing the air there will be more scattered later in the day at storms back up again nocturnal jet redeveloping tomorrow night 73 with the storms and mixed clouds cold front with more storms sunday, i hope i am communicating we have a weekend people have things to do outside it will not be a total washout but when it comes down it will come down like this morning >> and the only thing is we have too much of the
9:36 pm
>> see you in 10 minutes >> firefighting just one man does not stop there 30 years of firefighting improving the lives of chicago went with his private business, introduce you to nick cinquepalmi one of chicago is very own.
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nick cinquepalmi has bought fires and save lives for more than 30 years a man with a fire man's courage and a business that's hard, one of chicago is very own. >> all clear make your way up to 2 >> nick cinquepalmi has been fighting fires nearly 30 years he do from the time he was a fire cadet at all the 16 years old in burbank that he wanted to save lives. >> i like the positive side helping people with a positive outcome people that are having a bad day at work to make that a better date >> since joining the orland protection district in 1989 has come a long way in his career 2005 promoted to battalion in cheap responsible for overseeing 35 firefighters ebbie de >> cover about 35 square miles an hour fire protection district a spot to multiple calls a 24- hour basis >> works 24 or ships at the
9:40 pm
firehouse sleep at the last thing on my not running across the floor boards of a burning building nick cinquepalmi lighting them down at his own business landmark foreign >> started a cleaning company 1989 a carpet cleaning company for a number of years until the middle 90's when the light bulb went off my head and said we should get into detail at other avenues which we export >> from there a landmark for a cup of chose the name of the company in honor of his father's business business landmark transportation >> the company a victim of a 1991 recession when that company closed its doors i basically took that day and took the lead mark from my father company and then apply did here, the land market and a symbol part work something that nick cinquepalmi mother and father taught him from day one knows firsthand what a difficult economy can do to a family >> challenge of the economy what sparked my interest the faltering economy after a while
9:41 pm
people are tired fatigued exhausted from what is the one on >> nick cinquepalmi developed landmark flooring to make short some families could sleep easier at night >> took a special interest in growing this in-time where i felt that if we give back to the committee by creating jobs by working of that to that we could add marketing ourselves correctly that we could make a successful business in a down economy >> nick cinquepalmi created jobs for people when there were most scarce tradesmen who cannot be employed by larger companies as they downsize to found a home at that mark for >> i think the real part of growing this the fun part for me understand those people with those families seeing them come up with their kids and things like that and being part of that a big deal to me >> candy kloster what employees happy to be working with nick cinquepalmi bagdad one year ago displays but the treatment at landmark florida and is amazed by his determination every day
9:42 pm
that we all called him the energizing body because he is constantly going ahead with a foreword i do not think that anyone ever has said anything other than he has got an amazing energy and he's got a good spirit with people >> nick cinquepalmi energy about list despite multiple roles dependent candy kloster david piper lieutenant with the fire protection district know that for 14 years says nick cinquepalmi leads by example >> juggling all positions not letting any of them suffered reports given to the other one does a really good job for the organization committee and helping families as well >> while he works hard at his two jobs family always first priority went off work takes on the duties as a husband and father of three at the u coach >> third floor for primary >> nick cinquepalmi one of chicago's very own.
9:43 pm
>> just ahead tom skilling seven day forecast slightly milder than the last seven days. >> nothing mild about the white sox weekend series against the bible indians, rich king highlights later in sports. fall in, gentlemen! we're going back to training. a stain, vaughn?! a ketchup stain?! how dare you disrespect me, your country and your mama?! i guess the guy just wants to bring his lunch with him.
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xxo@úvúñpñp@xúíúñxó@ñ@ol@w?úpñ÷ñxxñ@/@ñ hñgñppñó@óñçp?ú?@ñ@po@oúw÷lñ@é@ú@óú÷÷fp@o
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we have been doing our best to beat the heat this week today all about dodging rain >> photos of the day: more photos at
9:47 pm or tom skilling more about the seven day forecast hello >> >micah looks like it will be warmer hot weather across most of the country weather pattern national 92 degrees in st. louis we are up to 85, we have it rained cooling that has kind of disappeared as the day has gone on but the key to driving the jet stream running around the top and and you can see the strongest wind right on the border of the strongest wind that is where storms to blow up and move along, they can transfer the wind energy to the
9:48 pm
surface so the headline is stormy with 90s predicted saturday and sunday by the way we had seven consecutive days of '90s at midway airport up to 18 for the year if we go the whole weekend without a break in the 90 degree strip looks like the strength that we will, the august strength since the heat wave of 1988, here is ready model is doing storms lashing vigorously to the south joined by storms coming in from iowa up to 3:00 in the morning look at those and need looking things at a forecast through 7:00 that morning storms in the area and a couple more winding their way across the area during the morning hours could produce a couple of widely scattered storms in the afternoon want to show you the radar amazing people calling about light and to the south watch at how fast the storm develops a time lapse over the last few hours storms weekend laid lightning in on top
9:49 pm
watch out light and come said storms tower and 50,000 ft. look at the growth in aerial coverage and intensity also of those crossing the mississippi from the west the way they are picking up a severe weather brisk tomorrow as you can see cell periods of storms dry hours as well this weekend and monday but he index one 02-106 range tomorrow afternoon 102-106, downpours in the morning in some areas, that gives us a son that he sets up new storms developing tomorrow night getting out for a while sunday morning cold front late in the day that could produce powerful storms but at least monday-tuesday with determined north back warm it up by wednesday thursday friday in the '90s we can do this whole thing again later this week very very warm. have a great weekend >> honors ready for football players ready to head back to
9:50 pm
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pñúxbxpl@?good baseball played in
9:53 pm
this town >> all games for the white sox on the hot and the american league pivotal ninth game road trip played the indians in cleveland tonight how urgent if they are to make it run ozzie beaned by ball in kc, taking precautions that night game scoreless in the fifth when quentin rips one sox 3 homers since all star break all by carlos floyd meantime outstanding in trouble in 8th matt thornton came in, cabrera send one deep juan pierre makes grab win 3-0. morning grand cooling things off at wrigley field cubs trailed astros 2-0 came to light alfonso soriano led off the inning with a home
9:54 pm
run 15th of the year first since june 14th to tie the game 2-2 before aramis ramirez said one deep in the gap to run it shot, cubs had a lead-for-2, 18th or aramis ramirez carlos marmol sat up and used for sean marshall got the clothes, 123 in the night chicago cubs a victory days as set up and are over for now carlos marmol >> probably just prior to the day, of about if we can't set up a tent that had a good situation take a look at his stop which i thought was as good as we have seen in a while today, if things go well we will have them close tomorrow, but he is the closer and he pitched like that today. >> nfl lockout update 133 the players said it will continue to look at the contract agreement and not by the owners'
9:55 pm
players admit the major money issue has been resolved not sure about other matters speculation players may take the boat on a deal on monday but also speculation taking place today and it did not happen a couple of starts for manchester united eating chicago style pizza today easy, manchester getting ready to take on the chicago fire at 4:00 tomorrow jam packed soldier field pat thomas a low spoke to dominic oduro on the wgn morning news >> bigger chicago fire of fat or man u fan? >> ready to get with the chicago fire batt what you said you watched manchester united growing up? >> but there player david beckham at the other day able to play with him on the field is amazing and a great team and i am very glad and excited to play down tomorrow >> john daly sporting
9:56 pm
appropriate attire for the canadian open lee jansen was birdie led fell back chad campbell taking over, par 5 7th hole beauty, tied for first with michael thompson, -4 one shot edge derrick rose heading to the to the beans with a contingent of nba players philippines, back to baseball watch this brewers-diamondbacks ball to the dugout be based on a young and gives him the ball, a great gesture afterwards daudet autographed bat by justin upton young fan, felt sorry got a bat we only wish congress would it take a lesson that together in give-and-take
9:57 pm
>> nfl owners and players. >> the whole world give up >> nice guy that is the news friday night at the you shared time with us updates as always have a great weekend and thank you for watching goodbye.
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